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the Stonehenge Stomp FAQ

Are dogs allowed ?

Yes, here at the Stonehenge Stomp we welcome your four-legged friends in accompanying you on your Stonehenge Stomp. We do however ask you abide by the following rules:

  • Dogs must be on a lead & under control at all times.

  • Apart from guide/support dogs, dogs are NOT allowed in areas serving food or drink.

  • Please check for livestock diversions on the day.


There will be water drinking bowls provided outside and possibly some doggy treats at various checkpoint stations on the routes so keep an eye for those.

We kindly ask that you do not enter the Sport's Centre with muddy footwear or dirty paws!


Are the routes push buggy / wheelchair accessible ?

Due to the rough and often muddy terrain of the longer routes, only the 5km route is deemed to be wheelchair / buggy friendly.

Are maps / route guides available pre-event ?

No, for safety reasons & the possibility of route changes we do not release any route / map data before the event day.


This also include GPS files etc so please do not ask.

Are refreshments available ?

Yes! Hot food & drinks are provided at our famous Stomp Kitchen throughout the day. Buy some cake or snacks to take with you around the route and biscuits, water & juice are provided at the checkpoints. Click the HQ link to find out more.

Are disposable cups provided at the checkpoints?

No, Please bring your own reusable mug, or you can buy a Stomp squashy cup on the day.

Please note Stomp squashy cups are subject to availability & not available at checkpoints.

Is there a time limit?

Yes! All entrants must complete their course by 1600 and return to HQ to get booked back in.

Can I change routes once I've started?

Yes but we advise you pair up with someone else doing the route you wish to change to as your route instructions will no longer be true.

What do I do if I can't finish / need to pull out once I've started?

Please either let the volunteers at the nearest checkpoint know or call us on the numbers on the route instructions and we will come out and pick you up.

I have paid in advance but cannot now attend.  Can I get a refund or deferral?

Sorry we are unable to offer refunds or deferrals.  You can however transfer your place to a friend BUT please let us know.


I need to get in contact, how do I do this ?

Please find all our contact options by clicking the tile link below which will take you to the relevant page.


Is there an online Entrants List?

Yes!  For those who have already entered AND who have not opted out of having their entry public, a register showing their entries and their assigned number can be found by clicking the tile link. 


On the day, they will be a list in the main hall displaying ALL entrants names & numbers for booking in.


Please check out all our other pages for further details