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the Stonehenge Stomp


The Stomp has been a favourite event of CoSARC members for many years, so the Club where delighted when the Amesbury Walkers allowed us to work with them to save the Stomp and over the last 3 years we’ve been grateful for their knowledge and guidance.  This year the baton has been fully passed to us.  It has always been our intention to maintain the original spirit of the Stomp which we all know and love.  However, the event has traditionally involved crossing the busy A303 which has been of concern to the Club since we became involved.  This year, while working with Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire Police, we have agreed that it is no longer safe or responsible of us to expect our Stompers to undertake these extremely busy road crossings.

We are excited to announce that new for 2022, the Stomp routes have been revised and now allow safe crossing of this road using an underpass or footbridge.


FEAR NOT STOMPERS!  Much of the route uses existing footpaths that regular walkers will be familiar with; you might just experience them in a different direction.  Whilst keeping you safe, we’ll still give you fabulous views of the stones and ring the changes – just a little.


Entry opens 16:00 Sunday 12 December


Route descriptions:


A family friendly route on mainly paved surfaces around Amesbury town.


Stompers enjoy the usual riverside walk which then passes through Amesbury town enroute to a loop over ancient ground with views of Stonehenge from a distance of approx. 1.5kms.  The route then returns via a disused railway, there is also a short, optional out and back diversion which offers a closer view of the stones and the ancient landscape.


Stompers enjoy a longer riverside walk and cross the River Avon over a rustic bridge and through a wooded area.  The route then passes over ancient ground with earthworks and tumuli before you catch your first glimpse of Stonehenge in the distance.  Good views of the Stones can be enjoyed from the checkpoint and after the obligatory photo opportunity and refreshments, the route returns through National Trust land to Amesbury town and the Leisure Centre.  


Stompers who take on the 30km challenge take the same riverside route and pretty river crossing as the 20km route but after enjoying views and a photo opportunity of the stones return through Amesbury town for a loop to the north, much of which will be new to regulars of this distance.


For the ultimate Stomping challenge, our 40km route follows that of the 30km but adds a familiar route through the World Heritage Site for impressive views approaching Stonehenge.  Regulars will be familiar with much of the final 10km route which enjoys Avon Valley views and glimpses of Salisbury Plain.

All routes subject to change following final route inspection. 


Facilities in Amesbury town are as follows:

  • Toilets are available in the central car park;

  • Take away hot drinks and food from Friar Tuck (until 2pm) or Stones Café (until 2.30pm); 

  • Co-op, Aldi and various hostelries – don’t linger too long or you may miss the cut off!!