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Wednesday Club Run’s return

Wednesday evening club runs are back (with a slightly new COVID induced format).


2 September 2020


Behind Five Rivers Leisure Centre

How many Groups?

There are 10 groups (plus Group 8 coaching). Max. 10 runners per group plus Run Leader. Runners are advised not to mingle and to go straight to their Group spot ... indicated by a number on the back of the Group clipboard (held by the Group Run leader)

Do I just turn up?

No. We have introduced a booking system. Click “Book Road” at the top of this page or from the home page of the website. There will be a register taken.

Do I need to book if I'm Run Leading?

No. Run Leaders leading that week are NOT required to sign up.

Can anyone just turn up?

No. You will need to be a club member and have in-date membership otherwise the booking system will not let you join. No new members please. The club will open new membership on 1 October 2020

When can I book?

The Group bookings will go live every Monday morning (between 0630-1130)

Please only book if you intend to run. We’re relying on common sense and good nature in the hope runners don’t persistently fail to turn up having booked a slot – we will monitor those that do.

Runners are requested not to sign up/come down if they have/have had any COVID symptoms in past 2 weeks

Any queries, please EMAIL

See you Wednesday!

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