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Overton 5 Mile was the first race of the 2023/24 road race league. Nearly 500 runners raced five miles under a very hot September sun. Two racers pushed themselves so much on the hilly course in the heat, that they all but collapsed. Showing dogged determination they dug deep in the finishing straight as they staggered to the line. CoSARC’s results were : Aaron Wilson 28:40, Shaun Brown 29:53, Matthew Gervais 29:58, Dave Gervais 31:42, Mark Wilde 32:50, Tamara Lake 33:01, Angus Payton 33:25, Ollie Stone 33:39, Ruth Holloway 35:06, Ollie Martins 36:58, James Ballard 37:07, Edward Cane 37:22, Vicky Clark 41:44, Alison Sloane 44:10, Alison Scott 44:37, Paul Slaughter 44:57, Heather Hitchens 45:28, Jo Marks 50:03, Michelle Boucher 51:28, Colin Martin 1:07:20.

CoSARC Squad

Aaron Wilson

Shaun Brown

Matthew Gervais

Dave Gervais

Mark Wilde

Tamara Lake

Angus Payton

Ollie Stone

Ruth Holloway

Ollie Martins

James Ballard

Edward Cane

Vicky Clark

Alison Sloane

Paul Slaughter

Alison Scott

Heather Hitchens

Jo Marks

Michelle Boucher

Colin Martin

South Coast Ultra Challenge

The South Coast Ultra Challenge is a 100km race from Eastbourne to Arundel, along the South Downs Way, via Beachy Head, Seven Sisters and Devil’s Dyke. The hotter than expected weather, with hardly any wind, challenged all the runners. Al Bayliss still finished is a superb time of 14:28:53.

Al Bayliss

Churchill Gardens Junior Parkrun

On a hot morning at Churchill Gardens Junior Parkrun, CoSARC runners took 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Their finishing times were James Gabriel 6:54, Freddie Bosworth 7:00 and Stanley Stuart 8:44.

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