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After a two year enforced absence, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Salisbury’s Race For Men was back. On a cool, dry and overcast day 235 runners were blessed with a gentle breeze as they ran to raise awareness of prostate cancer. Between them they walked, plodded and ran 3K, 10K or a Half-marathon race.

Results of CoSARC runners are :


Freddie Bosworth 10:27

Art Mitchell 11:02

Milly Rayner 11:31

James Chant 13:22


Anton Weatherhead 36:26

Andrew Ingleton 39:42

Lee Syrett 40:24

Matt Bosworth 40:49

Dave Gervais 42:45

Matthew Gervais 43:28

Andy Budgell 48:25

Kieran McManus 48:28

Mark Cole 48:48

Nick Lay 48:51

Chris Rogers 50:34

Richard Williams 53:22

John Chamberlain 55:12

Patrick Schneider 57:58

Colin Warrington 58:16

Paul Slaughter 58:17

Ben Freyne 1:05:02

Paul Brown 1:14:24

Michael O’Connell 1:15:30

Jane Martin 1:22:22

Colin Martin 1:22:22

Half Marathon

Harry Pannell 1:34:14

Jason Bennet 1:44:31

Anna Patrickson 1:44:57

Catherine Morgan 1:48:54

Peter Manning 1:57:14

Edward Cane 1:58:56

Thomas Meikle 2:05:15

Stuart Wood 2:12:52

Ashley Lewis 2:15:28

Grace Cousins 2:20:58

Charlotte Routledge 2:21:07

A number of CoSARC runners did exceptionally well to earn themselves a trophy, and in some cases multiple trophies.


Freddie Bosworth 2nd place

Art Mitchell 3rd place

Milly Rayner 1st Female.

Milly Rayner

Freddie Bosworth

Art Mitchell


Anton Weatherhead 1st place.

Lee Syrett 1st Vet and 3rd place finisher.

Matt Bosworth 1st Male 45+

Dave Gervais 1st Male 50+

Matthew Gervais 1st Male U16

Al Moutray 1st Male 55+

Mark Cole 1st Male 60+

John Chamberlain 1st Male 65+

Matt Bosworth

Lee Syrett

Al Moutray

Mark Cole

Lee Syrett

Lee Syrett 10K

3rd place overall

1st Veteran

Matt Bosworth

Matt Bosworth 10K

1st 45+

Team award

Half Marathon

Harry Pannell 2nd Mens Open

Jason Bennett 1st Male 45+

Anna Patrickson 1st lady

Catherine Morgan 1st Female 45+

Jason Bennett

Anna Patrickson

Anna Patrickson

Anna Patrickson Half Marathon

First Female

First in age category V40

Team Award

Full Results.

HM - https://www.tdleventservices.co.uk/event-results/events

10K - https://www.tdleventservices.co.uk/event-results/events

3K - https://www.tdleventservices.co.uk/event-results/events

See Annex for photos of CoSARC runners.

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