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Weekend results 29 & 30 May 2021

This week City of Salisbury Athletics and Running club saw Phil Perry complete his 10 marathons in 10 days each marathon was under 4 hours with an average time over the 10 days of 3 hours 45 minutes, he definitely earned the 'Invincible medal', a huge congratulations to Phil.

Phil's results for 10 marathons in 10 days with Phoenix Running:

Marathon day 1 - The Fortitude Sword Medal: chip time: 3:47:32

Marathon day 2 - The Gauntlet Sword Medal: chip time: 3:46:35

Marathon day 3 - The Dauntless Sword Medal: chip time: 3:44:33

Marathon day 4 - The Resolute Sword Medal: chip time: 3:44:24

Marathon day 5 - The Perseverance Sword Medal: chip time: 3:42:17

Marathon day 6 - The Adversity Sword Medal: chip time: 3:42:46

Marathon day 7 - The Intrepid Sword Medal: chip time: 3:44:26

Marathon day 8 - The Indomitable Sword medal: chip time: 3:48:03

Marathon day 9 - The Unbreakable Sword medal: chip time: 3:49:38

Marathon day 10 - The Invincible Sword medal: chip time: 3:51:20

Last weekend also saw Mike Applegate compete in the South of England Track & Field Portsmouth 100m race with a gun time of 15.22.

This weekend Craig and Helen were a small puddle of blue at the Egdon Easy 10km, it was a very hot and humid race.

Craig Weatherburn - chip time:42:49

Helen Carlton - chip time: 53:02

Image: Phil Perry after completing Marathon 10

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