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Salisbury 10 Mile

Sun Shines on Salisbury Racers

Salisbury’s premier road race, the Salisbury 10 Mile, was bathed in glorious sunshine just a couple of days after snow fell around the country with flurries of snow in Salisbury. The course was undulating, with a particularly vicious short, sharp hill on the return leg. Many of those interviewed commented on how beautiful and scenic the route was, and seeing the Cathedral Spire in the distance on the return leg energised them for the last few miles. The majority of club members were either racing or volunteering. Runners from surrounding clubs and casual runners all commented on the support from local residents in the Woodford Valley, the friendliness of the volunteers and the superb organisation led by Race Director Charlotte Bourne, who was ably assisted by Steven Mitchell.

These are the outstanding results from a selection of CoSARC runners : Ben Saunby came in 2nd place in 00:53:43 PB, Craig Weatherburn 1:04:52 PB 2:00, Mike Brewster 1:05:01, Ollie Stone 1:05:46 PB 04:00, Leigh Godfrey 1:08:31 PB, Anna Patrickson 1:09:31 PB 3:00, Sara Brewster 1:12:59 PB 01:02, Helen Carlton 1:30:12 PB 3:26, Lisa Milner 1:30:34 PB 1:10, Carol Chl