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Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Five members of City of Salisbury Athletics and Running Club (CoSARC) headed out to the USA last weekend to compete in the New York City Marathon, one of the world’s six marathon majors. All five completed the 26.2 miles, with three finishing in less than four hours.

Chris Maple was first over the line in 03:34:49, followed by Alison Holloway (03:56:13), Benjamin Smith (03:59:12), Vicky Robinson (04:11:56) and Natalie Milsted (06:48:34).

Another CoSARC runner having a successful weekend in the US was Jaymee Domoney, who was competing for Charlestown Southern University, where he studies, in Division One of the NCAA XC. Finishing the 8km course in 8th place in 25:33 - a minute faster than last year – this guarantees him a place in the All Big South Run Team. His team was 2nd overall.

Team CoSARC ready to tackle a windy route on Hayling Island

Closer to home, a big wave of blue vests was seen at the third event in the Hampshire Road Race League, Hayling 10 mile, and the 45 Salisbury finishers managed some impressive results.

CoSARC’s Stuart Holloway, who finished 5th in the Hayling 10

First home was club chairman Stuart Holloway in 00:57:24, taking 5th overall and 1st in his age category. He was followed by Rob Drag in 10th (00:58:52) and Benedict Saunby in 17th (1:00:09).

CoSARC’s first woman home was Ruth Holloway in 1:08:43, finishing 9th in the woman’s race and 2nd in her age category. The club’s second female finisher was Anna Patrickson (01:12:18, 16th woman) achieving a personal best, with Sarah Brewster behind her (1:16:46, 33rd woman).

CoSARC’s Ruth Holloway, 9th in the Hayling 10 women’s race

Michael O’Connell (1:45:15) completed the distance for the first time, Linda Robson (01:24:17) knocked one minute and 40 seconds off her previous 10-mile time, Jackie Hassan (01:25:55) knocked 2 minutes and 58 seconds of her previous best and Helen Carlton (01:27:52) a whopping 12 minutes, with coach Craig Weatherburn (01:06:44) and Marc Hankins (01:08:42) achieving personal bests, too.

(Full Hyaling 10 mile results listed at the end of this article)

Braving the Saturday storm was Phil Perry, who completed Thames Meander Marathon at Kingston-on-Thames in 3hrs 48mins.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Croom ran the Snowdonia Marathon last week, completing the hilly course in 3:55.

By Di Cross

[PIC CREDITS Carol Chlebowski]

CoSARC Hayling 10 mile Results


Ruth Holloway 01:08:26 Anna Patrickson 01:11:57 Sarah Brewster 01:16:28 Rachel Bala 01:22:37 Linda Robson 01:23:43 Melenie Murphy 01:24:31 Jackie Hassan 01:25:55 Jane Whiteley 01:26:57 Helen Carlton 01:27:51 Hannah Keech 01:28:31 Lisa Milner 01:33:07 Jacqueline Chlebowski 01:36:29 Anne Norman 01:46:12 Denise Von Roretz 01:50:59 Jenny Weatherburn 02:03:35 Petra Oyston 02:04:28


Stuart Holloway 00:57:22 Rob Drag 00:58:52 Benedict Saunby 01:00:07 Richard Davidson 01:01:08 James Mills 01:02:52 Matt Sherfield 01:03:11 Peter Callanan 01:03:58 Mike Brewster 01:04:12 Craig Weatherburn 01:06:44 Al Moutray 01:08:15 Marc Hankins 01:08:24 James Hassan 01:09:09 Richard Larcombe 01:10:00 John Duffy 01:11:04 James Ballard 01:11:55 Andy Budgell 01:12:56 Craig Murphy 01:14:04 Andrew Mathieson 01:15:51 Jonathan Kershaw 01:17:22 Richard Williams 01:20:13 Kevin O'Leary 01:22:10 Derek Wood 01:23:45 Andrew Robbins 01:29:07 Barry Vincent 01:29:15 Joe Cunningham 01:29:24 Andy Webb 01:38:40 Michael O'Connell 01:44:29 Colin Martin 01:45:11 Wayne Tolcher 01:45:35

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