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Run Buddy

The Club has set up a Run Buddy system during #Lockdown2 for members feeling anxious and concerned about their wellbeing or mental health.

Getting outside for a run with company can really help with both physical and mental health. Even if there is no desire to chat, just having a buddy to get through the miles with is a massive support.

Current lockdown restrictions allow unlimited outdoor exercise with one other person from another household, so long as social distancing rules are maintained.

A few of the clubs’ qualified run leaders have volunteered time to meet, upon request, fellow members for a 1 to 1 run at a mutually agreed time and place. Sessions remain completely confidential and pace, mileage and route is agreed between the athletes.

The run buddy system is accessible to all members and can be accessed either by visiting the club website homepage and clicking the ‘Buddy Up’ button, or directly via the link below...

At times like these, the hardest bit is first asking for help and second lacing up the running shoes to take that first step out the door to go for a run. The club really want to help if members are struggling and urge them to check out the link to get more details.

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