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CoSARC Runners battle the elements

A select group of CoSARC runners took part in Plain Crazy, a 12.5 mile run on Salisbury Plain, through mud and over hills, with a tough final push through a 2.5 mile strong headwind writes Vasen Moodley.

Splash of Blue at Plain Crazy (left to right) Vicky Robinson, Linda Robson, Edward Cane, Andy Budgell, Reece Ingram, Charlotte Ingram, Anna Patrickson

Results are Reece Ingram 1:36:29, Jenny Hartley 1:36:57 (1st V40), Richard Larcombe 1:39:17, Anna Patrickson 1:42:23, Andy Budgell 1:46:01, Charlotte Ingram 1:47:13, Edward Cane 2:03:15, Vicky Robinson 2:03:19 and Linda Robson 2:03:53.

Mike White walks on water at the 50km Winter Cross Ultra

In the Winter Cross Ultra race two CoSARC runners each ran amazing distances in superb times, despite the slippery trails and horizontal rain driven by strong winds. Coach Craig Weatherburn ran 70K in 7:16:16, which included 3,380 feet of elevation. Mike White ran 50K in 5:03:00, with 3,000 feet elevation.

Coach Craig Weatherburn happy to be nearing the finish of the 70km Winter Cross Ultra

On a wet and windy day in Kent, Di Mattingly ran the Saxon Shore Marathon on a muddy, hilly off road course. She was 3rd female in a time of 4:09:11.

Chris Maple completed the Junction Broadstone Quarter Marathon, a hilly two lap course, in 44:07.

Felix Holloway finishes first at Salisbury parkrun, just ahead of dad Stuart

At Salisbury parkrun, on a dry and mild New Year’s Day, Stuart Holloway led from the front, pushing his 6 month old son Felix in his buggy. He was first finisher in a time of 17:29.

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