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the Stonehenge Stomp NEWS

28-01-2023 (1730) : IMPORTANT NOTICE - 2023 EVENT CANCELLED

EVENT CANCELLED. With huge regret, we unfortunately have to announce that due to extreme flooding the 2023 Stomp is CANCELLED.   We are absolutely gutted, we tried so hard this year but the weather was really against us.  The underpass that takes Stompers safely across the A303 dual carriageway, which was completely dry when we checked it recently, is now at least knee deep in water over a length of around 40m.  The Highways Agency officially closed the underpass yesterday unbeknown to us until we started to mark the route today.  After discussions with all agencies, we believe this is due to an unprecedented rise in the water table.  Even if it had been possible to pump the underpass out today, it is very likely it would have filled up again overnight. 
We are currently a bit shell shocked!  Everything was set – routes marked, hall set up, kitchen stocked and ready to go, everyone has been working so hard behind the scenes.  Tomorrow we will just have to take it all down.  We are so very sorry to be informing you of this at this late hour and we hope this message reaches you in time. 

21-01-2023 (1730) : IMPORTANT NOTICE - CHANGES TO STOMP 2023

Due to the current severe flooding in the Woodford Valley, there will be NO 30km or 40km ROUTES this year.  The 10km route is unaffected and we have managed to offer you a revised 20km route rather than cancel the event.  
All entrants can choose to take part in either of the available routes – you will be asked to confirm your choice at registration of either 10 or 20km (5km route is unaffected).
We understand that this will be disappointing to many of our Stompers, but this decision has been taken for the safety of all participants and with consideration to the environment (the area adjacent to the River Avon is a SSSI).
We're working hard to revise the event instructions and start times and these will be available shortly.  Please check our website and social media for latest updates.
Best wishes, The Stomp Team

19-01-2023 (0830) : Update - Flooding

I’m sure you’ll all be aware of the extreme rainfall and flooding that the South of England has been experiencing.  We’ve been monitoring this and have been out on the Stomp route today. 
The River Avon has burst its banks, what was a footpath has now become a fast flowing river.  A large area of the valley which most routes cross is currently impassable.
We also discovered where Spring Bottom Farm got its name – we’ve seen the spring and it’s turned the byway into a river which is deep in places.  
We’re working hard behind the scenes to keep you Stomping this year with these challenging conditions and further updates will follow.

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