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It's Official …we NEED YOU!

Without Officials there would be no Athletics or matches to attend. Officials truly are the beating heart of athletics & running and at the heart of all the action. 

Salisbury A&RC desperately need your help as we need more officials for the 2022 season and beyond.

Make it your New Year's resolution to volunteer & get involved in 2022

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Have you ever been tempted to help officiate but thought you shouldn’t because you don’t feel you know enough?

Well, worry not as you will be given all the help and guidance along the way by our own experienced Officials.

Just look at our happy faces in the photos - you too can be part of this!

You won’t be asked to perform tasks beyond your capability. 

The Officiating family are all about teamwork, support and adaptability.

The minimum age to become an Official is 14.

There are various disciplines that we desperately need Officials for:

  • Field Officiating

  • Track Judge

  • Timekeepers

  • Starter / Starter’s Assistant

Step 2
Get a DBS Check – this can easily be applied for online and again no charge to you.

Step 3
Before becoming a licenced Official, you must complete a minimum 4 practical competition experiences (ie attend 4 matches) where you will help officiate alongside qualified & knowledgeable officials.   We need our trainee Officials to progress to licenced Officials in order meet UKA requirements. Our own Officials will be with you every step of the way.

Step 4
Having gained your officiating experience, you submit an Application for Accreditation and happy days, you’ll become a fully-fledged licensed Official.

What are the Steps in becoming a Licenced Official?

Step 1
Get in touch so that we can get you booked onto a Level 1 course. The length of the courses range from a half to a full day.
We are hoping to offer local courses in
March before the Athletic season starts in the spring and the cost of the course will be covered by us – all we ask is that you attend some matches as mentioned below.


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Remember, you will always have at hand someone to give you guidance and support.

Officials are the true Hero’s in Athletics – be a Hero and contact us today.

To find out more, ask any question or let us know your interest then please click the link below:

To view various officiating information from England Athletics, please find the following links:

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