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5K, 10K & Half-Marathon Mesocycles

Coach's specifically prepared race mesocycles for 5k to Half Marathon for all abilities

IMPORTANT NOTE: These mesocycles are designed to train you to RACE the distance as opposed to simply 'covering' the distance. Each plan has a weekly 'Base' mileage total at the start which you should be comfortable with running before starting the mesocycle. Races within the mesocycles are "B Races" and are there to gauge fitness improvement and practice pacing in readiness for the Goal Race at the end of the training.


Download the "Categories" table in the links below appropriate to your gender.



Determine your Category by selecting the distance of your last 'hard' race and find the closest time appropriate to your age.

i.e. a 45 year old female with a 10k time of circa 55:00minutes would be defined as 'Competitor'


Once you have determined your Category, select the appropriate Mesocycle for the distance you want to train for using the links below.

i.e. if you are a 'Competitor' category runner and want to attempt a HM PB, download the "Competitor HM" mesocycle


Have fun!

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