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Parents and adult athletes have always played a key role in supporting our coaching team and we couldn’t function as a club without the support of parents.

We are desperately in need of a new cohort of assistant track & filed coaches. The club will provide and pay for all the training and support needed for parents and members to become an essential part of our young athlete’s development.

It's all done online with only a few hours needed on one day (in Salisbury) to carry out a practical day with England Athletics tutors.

Other likeminded club members and parents are signing up, it's all paid for by the club / free to you. You will receive an England Athletics Assistant Coach license card and the qualification will be yours for life.


All we ask in return is that you use your qualification for the benefit of the club for a reasonable amount of time.

Just fill in / tick the boxes at the link below and we'll take care of the rest.

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