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Weekend results 8 & 9 May 2021

This weekend five athletes from CoSARC were representing the club at running events with distances ranging from 3000 metres to 100 miles!

Thames Path 100 miles was completed by James Mills in 18:55:10, absolutely awesome achievement!

Phoenix Thames Path Marathon saw Phil Perry complete his 57th marathon in a chip time of 3:29:05.

The Jigsaw 10k at Dunsfold saw Peter Manning achieve a chip time of 47:34.

Richmond Park 10k saw Peter Callanan with a chip time of 37:12 achieving 2nd place overall and 1st male V50.

Richard Davidson competed in the Yeovil Open 3000 metres event achieving a chip time of 10.00:90.

No photo of James in action due to ban on spectators (Covid guidelines), but here he is with his medal!!

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