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Weekend results 24 and 25 July 2021

This weekend saw a group of CoSARC athletes competing at Endure 24 in Henley, which is a 24 hour endurance race consisting of 5 mile laps in teams or solo. There was also a mid-week race on Wednesday where three CoSARC athletes took part in the Lakeside 5k, with Samantha Noyce achieving a personal best.

Endure 24 this year was in a new location and consisted of mixed terrain from uneven grassy ground to paths, they also had to contend with changeable weather conditions. There were some creative team names and some fantastic results and achievements with CoSARC team Only Fools and Plodders bagging 1st place in the mixed team category, completing 40 laps between them.

CoSARC athletes Jon Greenhalgh and Vasen Moodley also did a great job volunteering at the event this year.

Endure 24 results

1st Team 3-5 mixed: CoSARC Only Fools & Plodders 40 laps

William Ewens, Lee Syrett, Matthew Bosworth, James Dovey, Lucie Dovie,

4th Team 3-5 Female: CoSARC Menopausal Mermaids 30 laps

Heather Hitchins, Jackie Hassan, Linda Robson, Lisa Milner, Vicky Robinson

5th Team 3-5 Male: CoSARC Blister Men 33 laps

James Ballard, Steven Mitchell, Andrew Mathieson, Peter Manning, John Duffy

5th Team 3-5 mixed: CoSARC Between a Walk and a Hard Place 36 laps

Nicholas Cook, Anna Patrickson, Richard Larcombe, Diane Mattingly, Mike Mattingly

7th Team 3-5 Female: CoSHARC Tigers 25 laps

Jane Knight, Grace Cousins, Carol Chlebowski, Jacky Chlebowski, Katie Clemence

78th Solo Male: James Hassan 13 laps

165th Solo Male: Tim Fewins 4 laps

Lakeside 5k

Samatha Hibdige - 19:58

Marc Hankins - 20:00

Samantha Noyce -20:56 PB

Image courtesy of James Ballard

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