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Weekend results 22 & 23 May 2021

Updated: May 25, 2021

This week saw City of Salisbury athletes participate in a variety of events from 1500 metres to 50k distance.

Anna Patrickson is celebrating a great result winning her first ever running trophy, finishing as 2nd female in the Weymouth Bay 10k, not a bad result coming back from injury and there was quite a head wind!

We are also following Phil Perry tackling the 10 marathons in 10 days Phoenix Running event, he has completed day 6 already and if he gets to day 10 he will get the 10th medal 'the invincible sword' - quite fitting!

Here are the results for the weekend:

Bromley Open Graded 1500m

Richard Davidson: chip time - 4:36.95 - seasons best time.

Weymouth Bay 10k

Anna Patrickson: chip time - 47:29 - 2nd Female

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park RunThrough 10k

Nick Hudson: chip time 36:19 and 7th overall, 1st in category.

Gutbuster 10 mile, near Reading - a hilly, boggy and muddy route. A couple of fords thrown in, lots of kissing gates and free beer at the end was the highlight. Sounds more like an obstacle course!

Steven Mitchell and Peter Manning ran together with a chip time of 1:26:55

Ox Half - White Star Running - described as a really hard trail race with some very tough hills.

Leigh Godfrey: chip time - 1:46:29 - 6th overall and 2nd in age group.

Ox 50 - White Star Running - trail run that was a bit further than advertised at 53.75k

Charlie Boardman: chip time - 6:36:38 - 8th Female.

Queen Elizabeth Country Park Marathon - a hilly trail marathon with 4000ft of elevation.

Chris Maple: chip time - 4:18:44

Peterborough Marathon

Zoe Lambard: chip time - 3:46:12 (within GFA time for London if accepted)

Mike White: chip time - 3:46:12 (supporting Zoe)

Phoenix Running 10 marathons in 10 days - Phil Perry's results for 6 marathons so far:

Marathon day 1 - The Fortitude Sword Medal: chip time: 3:47:32

Marathon day 2 - The Gauntlet Sword Medal: chip time: 3:46:35

Marathon day 3 - The Dauntless Sword Medal: chip time: 3:44:33

Marathon day 4 - The Resolute Sword Medal: chip time: 3:44:24

Marathon day 5 - The Perseverance Sword Medal: chip time: 3:42:17

Marathon day 6 - The Adversity Sword Medal: chip time: 3:42:46

Image: Anna Patrickson with her 2nd place trophy.

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