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Weekend results 17 & 18 July 2021

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Last week saw CoSARC athletes competing in the Frome 5k, 10k and half marathon events and some great results in the 10k event with Aaron Wilson and Peter Callanan achieving 1st place positions for their age categories and Michael Beckett was 1st overall in the 5k event. It was described as a well organised event on a really hot day with some hills thrown in and loads of local supporters cooling off runners with hoses and water pistols. Peter did 3 races in a week with Frome being the third race as part of the Wiltshire road league. Castle Combe 10k and Westbury 5k also saw athletes competing.

A couple of trail events saw fantastic results with James Mills taking part in the White Star Cider Frolic covering over 63 miles and 7 laps of the course in 12 hours, which secured him 1st place male position and 2nd place overall. Chris Maple tackled a 6 hour lapped event coming 6th place overall and 1st to complete the marathon distance.

On the track Mike Applegate came 5th place in the 100m and 3rd place in the 200m at the Setafa Pro Open in Winchester.

Frome Half Marathon

Di Mattingly - 2:00:12

Mike Mattingly - 2:06:56

Jeff Hutchby - 2:26:49

Peter Manning - 1:57:20

Frome 10k

Aaron Wilson - 35:14 - 1st Male Vet 40

Peter Callanan - 37:28 - 1st Male Vet 50

Chris Simm - 43:04

Jason Bennett - 46:21

Kieran McManus - 50:31 PB

Frome 5k

Michael Beckett - 16:19 - 1st place overall

Castle Combe 10k

Peter Callanan - 37:24

Westbury 5k

Peter Callanan - 17:34 PB

White Star Cider Frolic 12 hour

James Mills - 17 laps (63.22 miles) 2nd place overall. 1st Male.

Charlotte Routledge - 33.94 miles

Grace Cousins - 30.28 miles

Charlie Boardman - 26.62 miles

Katie Clements - 26.62 miles

Amanda Ansell - 26.62 miles

Janine Kemm - 19.3 miles

Steve Perry - 33.94 miles

Steve Young - 30.28 miles

On the Whistle Why Not Run 6 hour event

Chris Maple - 3:42:48 - 6th place overall - 1st to complete marathon distance.

Setafa Pro Open Winchester on 17th July

Mike Applegate M70

100m sprints - 15.33 - 5th place

200m - 32.15 - 3rd place

White Star Junior 2.7 mile event participants were:

Lilli Clements

Harriet Boardman

Jess Boardman

Florence Routledge

Art Mitchell

Oli Boardman

Image: James Mills with his Cider

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