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Weekend results 31 July - 8 August

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

To kick off August we had several CoSARC athletes racing in the long awaited Eastleigh 10k, a firm favourite for a flat road course, which eventually got to the start line after being postponed a couple of times. Michael O'Connell celebrated a new 10k PB.

The London Landmarks Half Marathon another race that had been delayed due to the pandemic, saw athlete Dave Cox achieving a chip time of 2:13:15.

The summer Larmer trail races also made a come back with a handful of CoSARC athletes taking part on the hilly tough Larmer 10 route on a warm day.

On the track Richard Davidson saw some great results at the British Masters Regional South 1500m with a chip time of 4:35.47 coming 2nd place overall and 1st in the V40 category. We also saw Peter Callanan competing the Aldershot 3000m Open Age Meeting achieving a chip time of 10:27 and despite it being a windy evening in Aldershot and a high quality field he managed to scoop 6th place and rack up a new PB.

Eastleigh 10k results

Anton Weatherhead - 34:03 (25th overall)

Lee Syrett - 36:51

Marc Hankins - 38:51

Andrew Holme - 39:14

Craig Weatherburn - 40:40

Samantha Hibdige - 41:09

Chris Simm - 41:18

Samantha Noyce - 42:25

Anna Patrickson - 43:50

Steven Mitchell - 44:11

Katie Clements - 47:10

Helen Carlton - 51:42

Fiona Thatcher - 54:57

Paige Alexandria - 55:13

Michael O'Connell - 1:04:36 PB

Petra Oyston - 1:04:47

Andrew Webb - 1:09:37

Christine Webb - 1:09:38

Larmer 10 trail race results

Carol Chlebowski - 2:34:23

Jacqueline Chlebowski - 2:34:25

Amanda Ansell - 2:47:13

Janine Kemm - 2:47:14

Clare King - 3:07:48

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