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New “Coached Running Courses"

Announcing new “Coached Running Coursesfree and exclusive to CoSARC club members

Two distinct courses on offer...

  • · Fundamental Course (suitable for runners comfortable with Groups 1 to 3)

  • · Foundation Course (suitable for runners comfortable with Groups 4 to 8)

Taking place on Wednesday evenings, the courses aim to develop your Fundamental Running Skills, Coordination and running economy.

Both courses are 5 weeks long.

The usual Group 8 will still continue to run alongside the course.

The course does involve running (speed session, akin to ‘Group 8’) and both are suitable for runners comfortable in the groups stated above.

There are places for 14 runners.

Please only sign up you are able to feasibly attend all 5 weeks of the course – otherwise, leave the space for your fellow club mate and enter the next available course

(more dates will be released in the new year)

Further details at the link below.

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