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CoShARC NHS Endure24

Club members can join #teamCoShARC in the official NHS Endure24 event on 13 & 14 June 2020

The challenge is free to enter but we are asking those taking part to make a donation to the NHS Charities Together fund via the E24 Just Giving page. Link here….JustGiving

To enter, click the link below and choose a start time which can be any one of the 24 hours. We’ll need your entry by 4 June 2020 please. We’re in direct contact with Endure24 to co-ordinate and need the entrants by this time.

You can either run your own 5 mile route at your allotted time OR, run the designated CoSARC route starting and finishing at the CoSARC Race HQ. If you are injured and can cycle or want to walk it, you're welcome to do so. Spaces are limited to 48 participants. Please choose only one time slot on one of the two teams - CoShARC & Chips / CoShARC Bites. Those wishing to run more than one slot can add their name against additional slots from 0900 Monday 1 June 2020.

A key part of the challenge is the social media aspect which will not only be prevalent on the CoSARC Social media channels, but also on the Endure24 Control Room for the whole 24 hours whom will be listing runners by their start time.

Whilst social media will play a big part (imagine sending message of support / abuse to Mitch’s Facebook page as he sets off on the 3am slot) we will also be setting up a strict socially distant CoSARC Race HQ where a limited number of runners will be able to meet in their time slot on a conveyor belt basis. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet up with your fellow club members after what feels like an age. We will also be producing a Mug with all participant names and our mascots Pee & Bee which will be available to purchase for £5.

We will operate two teams of 24, meaning it is possible for you to run 2m apart together with a friend if you’re on separate CoSARC teams but run at the same time slot and on the same route.

Further details to follow regarding the CoSARC route and location of CoSARC Race HQ.

Click HERE to begin entry

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