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At last - The Track is Back!

This evening the final details were put in place and our first training session on the new surface was put underway!

Here’s the club’s take on the event, as supplied to the local press this evening:

City of Salisbury Athletics and Running Club

Press statement on track re-opening

8th Oct 2019

City of Salisbury athletics and running club’s chairman Stuart Holloway today expressed his delight at the return of the track.

“It’s almost two years since we first had to stop using the old one. But the new track is just complete and it looks good.

“The club meanwhile has gone from strength to strength and our membership is now bigger than ever. The club’s positive spirit is exceptional, enabling us to come through what might have been a difficult time with flying colours.

“During the time Salisbury was left without its only running track, some of our biggest rivals in the region might have doubted our future.

“The fact is our athletes have for example just won promotion to the top tier of the Southern Athletics League – that and so many other recent successes say much about the club.

“The track is of course not just a benefit for track and field athletes, it’s invaluable for our many road runners and cross country enthusiasts too for training. It’s also a real benefit for the community involvement which the club makes a major contribution to.”

Ten year-old Oli from Salisbury, a club member, said: “I’m so excited about running on the new track as my school only has a small playground and a field.”

Dave Amey, club president and a member for more than 60 years added:

“We can’t wait to return to this super new track and to use it to the full. I’m optimistic it will enable us to build further on the real successes we’ve enjoyed in the past couple of years.

“Our members range in age from 8-80, from internationals to newcomers, and they’re drawn from right across the community: the improved track will make the club and its appeal all the greater.”

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