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3rd place for Phil in the Phoenix running lockdown challenge

Phil Perry had 28 days to run 507 miles for the Phoenix Running lockdown challenge. It was back to back days of running averaging 18 miles a day and 127 miles per week throughout the 4 weeks of lockdown #2. Phil came in at 3rd place out of 182 participants on the virtual course around London. Writes Lisa Phaure

Phil said “It was a real mental battle, my legs were tired, but I had to force myself out of the door after work in the dark, cold and sometimes very wet evenings. I tried to find different routes all around Salisbury and knowing I had to cover at least 15 miles a day was the hardest part.

I did have some support from my family and some club members who ran with me at various points which helped enormously. A tough challenge and I don’t think it is one I would want to repeat.”

Well done Phil, what an amazing accomplishment!

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