Save Cosarc

A number of people have misunderstood what has happened to the club recently and think it is merely a case of us not agreeing to a ‘discounted’ fee from the school. The school seems reasonable when you read their post. So, I’m going to tell you a story which will help you to understand. The numbers in here are actual numbers.

You’ve lived in a house for the last 25 years. Your landlord owns the house and is also responsible for the building maintenance. They haven’t looked after it, but you’ve done the best you can and kept the weeds down and done some low level maintenance work.
Two weeks ago, your landlord tells you he’s passing the ownership to someone else. That isn’t a problem, it was going to happen next year anyway, but the new landlord tells you they’re going to put your £100 per month rent up. You thought this might happen, but you know the new landlord and they know your income, so you’re not expecting anything substantial.
Three days before the changeover they tell you that they’re putting your rent up to £3000 per month and summon you to a meeting in two days time. At the meeting, they tell you that they will kindly only double your rent, but only if you sign an agreement that gives them ownership of everything on the land. That includes the garden shed that you bought, your greenhouse and even your car. If you don’t sign that, they’re going to charge you £1200 per month.
Obviously, you can’t sign the agreement and you can’t pay the rent. The landlord now tells everyone that this is your fault as they’ve been very reasonable. They’ve offered you a huge discount by only wanting £1200 and its you that wouldn’t sign the agreement. Look how benevolent they are and how unreasonable you’ve been.

Welcome to our world.

Please share this so people understand what is really going on.